Cellular concrete in Barcelona

The use of cellular concrete covers provide an improvement in the general characteristics of the concrete. Thanks to this type of cement formed by millions of air bubbles distributed along the roof we obtain an air chamber effect that provides us on the one hand a reduction in the weight of the roof, at the same time an increase in thermal insulation and improvements in the soundproofing. The sound is absorbed avoiding the reflection as it happens in classic concrete walls.

The improvement in thermal insulation leads to savings in the use of heating and air conditioning to better preserve the temperature of the enclosures.

The use of cellular concrete covers not only gives us an improvement in the densities and resistances of the material but thanks to the decrease in weight allows us to undertake large-scale projects or projects of great heights obtaining a range of reductions with respect to the concrete of between 11% and 85%. Thanks to this lightening we can reduce distribution and transport costs.

For the production of cellular concrete covers we need a team formed by three machines, in our catalog you can find different models depending on the desired production capacities:

The three basic equipment that make up a team for the manufacture of concrete covers are:

1.- The foam generator: In our case Generators of 3 m³, 6m³ and 12m³. two.
2.- Mixer of dry products with water and foam. In our case MZ-25
3.- Transfer pump. For the transport of foamed product to the area of ​​application. In our case BM-300 and BM-12.

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