Cellular concrete in Madrid

Operation of a team for the manufacture of concrete, pasta and cell preparations.

Our equipment is composed basically of three machines, being able to find different models depending on the desired production capacities:

The three basic equipment that make up a team for the manufacture and application of cellular concrete in Madrid are:

1.- Foam generator. In our case Generators of 3 m³, 6m³ and 12m³.

2.- Mixer of dry products with water and foam. In our case MZ-25

3.- Transfer pump, for the transport of foamed product to the area of ​​application. In our case BM-300 and BM-12.

We will explain what is the work of each team in the manufacturing process and its mode and possibilities of operation: FOAM GENERATOR. We have a team whose mission is to produce foam in a homogeneous and continuous way, for subsequent mixing with the cementitious slurry or wet mixture of the base mortar to be used.

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For high production models, the equipment has a water pump, which will suck it from a mother tank, generating the inclusion of the foam in the circuit by passing through the venturi. For models of lower production, we will perform the suction of foam and its inclusion in the circuit, by electromagnetic pump.

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The large production equipment can control the amount of foam introduced to the system, by choosing between the different sizes of gum that can be installed in the venturi, covering dosages from 1% to 43.6%. The lower production equipment, regulate the amount of foam injected into the system, modifying the number of impulses of the pump and the stroke of the piston of the same.

The other necessary component for the generation of foam is the compressed air, produced by one or two compressors, depending on the capacity of the equipment, using compressors that produce from 150 liters / minute, up to 500 liters / minute. The two components: the foam-water mixture and the air are incorporated into the generator tube, sized according to the production to be obtained, where a continuous and homogeneous foam jet is generated by beating.

The foam that is obtained from these equipments has a micro-bubble that makes the thousands of spheres resulting per cubic centimeter, once the setting is completed, they confer a great resistance to compression. All the equipment is supplied with an electric control panel, equipped with all the necessary protections for the different motors, in addition to the selectors for the start-up in manual / automatic.

As is normal and to facilitate the manufacture of foam concrete, the foam generators are automated and link up with the start-up of the mixer, so that when starting it, the generator starts to work.


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